We understand racism as both “an individual’s racist assumptions, beliefs, or behaviours” and “the policies and practices entrenched in established institutions which result in the exclusion or promotion of designated groups” (Alberta Civil Liberties Research Centre). As such, we acknowledge that systemic racism is real and has a negative impact on members of our communities.

We acknowledge the problematic history of Western research and how it was often harmful, rather than empowering, especially for our Indigenous communities. We are committed to the continual decolonization of our research and evaluation practices through ongoing co-creation, collaboration, and innovation with all the diverse ethno-cultural communities we work with.

Through our business and as individuals, we will continually learn about anti-racism and we commit to dismantling racist systems through our practices and activities. We encourage all social innovators and research experts in our communities to similarly commit to being anti-racist and work to disrupt systemic racism in our society.