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PhD Human Geography (in candidacy); MA International Development
Principal Consultant

Making Sense of What We Know

“I’m fascinated by how good ideas get traction with people, organizations and communities. When thinking about a question or an issue, I think it’s prudent to ask: how does what we learn benefit the people or the community it’s aiming to assist? Without impact at that level, what is the point? That makes us tinkerers, researchers, evaluators and activists who want to take good ideas and great practices and apply them, test them and learn from them, for everyone’s benefit.”

Lisa characterizes herself as a researcher with a passion for community impact and knowledge mobilization. This is especially true in the areas of migration studies, community development and gender. She has strong analytic and program management skills, which she has developed while managing a number of large-scale, community-based and multi-stakeholder initiatives. She has previously worked in Australia with Oxfam Australia and Monash University, as well as in South Africa with the International Organization for Migration. While coordinating both large-scale quantitative and smaller-scale participatory initiatives, she has expanded her research methodology toolkit to include quantitative analysis (using SPSS) and community-based approaches (e.g. photo-voice, ethnography, action and participatory methods). She is interested in projects where research and evidence building intersect with community mobilization and/or measurement for maximum impact.