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PhD Social Work; MSW Social Work
Principal Consultant

Question Your Way to Solutions

“With all the talk on systems impact, methods, measurement and social change, we are often quick to dismiss our most basic assumptions that surround these concepts. I always like to begin with the basics and ask others and myself some simple questions. The answers can be surprising, often reflecting the confusion, conflation and confluence of the social landscape. I see my role first and foremost as one who can get to the bottom of those fundamental questions. Returning to these questions time and time again reminds us that complexity often lies in answering the simplest questions easily.”

Gayatri is a strategist, researcher and evaluator. With a background in global health, immigration and community development, she has weaved across both the academic and non-profit sectors for close to a decade. As a passionate methodologist she is now focused on building tools, training and building capacity among non-profits and community organizations to use research, incorporate evidence and measure for impact in a sustainable manner. Gayatri has worked previously in Mumbai and New Delhi on projects focused on public health and international development. She has also worked in both Illinois and Connecticut on a wide range of issues such as public health, at-risk children and community development.  She is also interested in pioneering new technologies and media for social change and finding ways to link art and creativity in the social sector.