All enquiries related to this Call for Proposal are directed by email or phone to: Lisa Androulidakis, or Deniz Erkmen, 


The proposal must include: 

● Description of individuals/team involved (Resumes including qualifications, previous work and references may be attached). 

● List of similar work completed. 

● Proposal plan with timelines for project outcomes. This should cover: o Description of post engagement event peer support group activities, length, and delivery method o Description of Community Broker peer support group activities, length, and delivery method 

● Proposal should not exceed 2-3 pages (excluding attachments). We are open to applications from individuals, groups of individuals, or organizations with the relevant experience to carry out the project activities. If you are submitting as an individual, please outline your mitigation process for sickness and potential absences of delivery. 


Proposals must be submitted: 

● By email to: 

● By Friday June 22, 2021 at 4pm (MST) 


ActionDignity and Habitus Collective are seeking proposals for the delivery of peer support groups (Cafes) to be held for racialized groups during the engagement period of the Calgary Community Anti-Racism Action Strategy.


The Calgary Community Anti-Racism Action Strategy seeks to engage the public to co-create an anti-racism community strategy for the City of Calgary’s community based programs and services, as well as the wider community. As such, the project will engage racialized individuals and communities and their allies in articulating a vision and tangible actions to address systemic racism and other structural inequities in Calgary. The engagement phase is due to commence in August 2021 with a series of events that will be co-hosted by organizations that serve or represent equity-seeking groups. These events will focus on groups who are traditionally under- or unrepresented in municipal engagements and/or face significant barriers to participation. Events will be delivered online and, when/if safe to do so, in-person. In total we anticipate up to 30 engagement events to take place during this phase. 15 Community Brokers (a person already well-connected in their community trained to support with engagement and mobilisation) will be hired to support with the delivery of engagement events and to recruit community members to attend. 


Our goal is for these engagements to be a safe space to participate in, physically and psychologically, and be driven by community experiences, needs, and identities. It is important that through this process, we ensure that the risk of participation is minimized, and that the focus of engagements is on developing actions for the City and Calgary, and not on the retelling and justifying of the need for anti-racism action. 


1. Post-engagement Peer Support Cafes As well as using Accountable and Braver Spaces Guidelines at all engagements to support the creation of welcoming, open spaces that do not re-traumatize participants, we recognize the reality that the discussions and stories told could uncover trauma, reveal divisiveness, and reify imposed identities. As such we are seeking proposals from peer support providers to create safe spaces (virtual and/or in-person) led by peer supporters after each engagement (30) where racialized individuals can feel safe, supported, share, and be connected to relevant resources prior to leaving events. The focus of these discussions should include but not be limited to: mental health, self-care, wellbeing, self-empowerment, self-esteem, addressing barriers. Providers may choose the format of peer support they believe will best support the community being served. Providers are asked to detail the length of session they will provide for these post-engagement groups. 

2. Community Broker peer support groups In addition to providing support to individuals attending the engagement events, we are seeking a program of support for the Community Brokers. As Brokers will also be from racialized community groups, we want to ensure that they are equally supported at these events. As Brokers may attend multiple events, we want to ensure there is a safe space specifically for them to connect with one another and provide and receive peer support. We are seeking providers to detail the scope and length of these group sessions, with an expectation that these should be hosted weekly, but with no limit on the number delivered per week. 


The Provider will be contracted to: 

– Design and deliver 30 post-engagement Peer Support Cafes. 

– Design and deliver weekly peer support groups for Community Brokers. 

– Ensure culturally relevant resources and signposting is available at all peer support groups. 


The Provider will work within a maximum budget of $5,000. Budget must be inclusive of all fees, disbursements, travel, materials, and GST. Note that virtual platform access will be provided by ActionDignity and Habitus Collective and would not need to be included within the budget. TIMELINES The expected timeframes for this work are between August 2, 2021 to October 31, 2021, however this may be subject to change dependent on project timelines. 


The Provider will possess the following: 

– Significant experience and/or training in delivering trauma informed peer support. 

– Experience delivering peer support groups for racialized communities, groups and individuals is desired. 

– Experience supporting racialized individuals, groups, and communities.

 – Excellent understanding of the nuanced individual, community, and social impacts of racism. 

– Strong understanding of mental health.

 – Personal experience of mental health and/or racism. –

 Ability to support multiple languages, cultural, and religious/spiritual needs. 

– Overall cost of proposal.