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MA Sociology
Principal Consultant

Take a risk and do something great

“I am someone who likes to pursue ideas, not just generate and voice them. This requires the courage to take risks, to ‘bite off more than we can chew’ and to be flexible to change. It demands energy and motivation but the rewards are great. When we do this, we create. Research, evidence and imagination have the power to make change. The hard part is moving to action. How? Through trial and through practice, and with dedication, thoughtfulness and courage. Knowledge is the stuff of change. As someone who sees tremendous value in research, my commitment is to see the great knowledge we have on our shelves and in our communities put into practice.”

Amanda is a committed researcher, volunteer and community strategist. Her experience is vast and includes involvement with food dignity and local food systems, gifted education and arts enrichment programming, sexual justice, journalism and communication, rural policy development and housing. Amanda is currently the Vice Chair of the Coalition for Equal Access to Education and Social Director for the Cliff-Bungalow Community Association. Her current work with Habitus focuses on immigrant and ethno-cultural children and youth; she continues to build on previous research with the Immigrant Sector Council of Calgary to develop collaborative, impactful and measurable strategies and activities to promote diversity and inclusion in Calgary. Amanda brings strong critical-thinking skills and sound knowledge of research methods to projects that span content areas.