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We contribute innovative ideas and creative solutions
to help communities across the world.

Habitus is a collective of social innovators and research experts.
We bring measurement, evaluation, strategic planning and project management skills to non-profit agencies, community organizations, governments and private businesses in Western Canada and beyond.

We collaborate with our clients to:

• Tackle complex social issues;
• Build momentum for community initiatives;
• Develop resources and mobilize knowledge; and
• Engage stakeholders to achieve the greatest impact on-the-ground.

We collaborate to identify the strengths and opportunities that will allow you to make the change you want to see in the world.


As an interdisciplinary team, Habitus brings diverse experiences, knowledge and skills to our projects.

Our approach is to collaborate, communicate, cooperate and co-create with our clients to address old problems in new ways. We endeavour to think differently, innovate creative solutions and create actionable opportunities for measurable change.


Thinking about great ideas...

…or addressing our clients’ complex challenges is about asking the right questions, and sometimes the difficult ones. We apply a range of research and knowledge-generation methods to build an evidence base and to evaluate projects and programs according to their needs and goals. This gives us our basis of understanding. We then use evidence to strategize what strengths and opportunities can be further developed to support our clients in achieving their goals.


Innovation is about...

…taking what’s already working and enhancing its impact. It does not have to be an endless quest for “the next big thing”. We work with our clients to co-develop ideas and embed reliable measures, to accurately assess short- and long-term change as a part of their daily practice. With robust tools, fulsome programming and thoughtful strategies, enhanced program and/or policy impacts are achieved.


Creativity is both...

…a quality and an action. For us, the process is always co-creative. Through co-creation with our clients, partners and stakeholders, the most meaningful relationships emerge. We apply this approach to everything, from engaging diverse communities to developing sustainable solutions. Our focus on co-creativity enables us to develop effective tools and strategies that reflect the needs of our clients and the communities they serve.


Habitus speaks to the social space we inhabit – through our bodies, actions, thoughts and speech.

It speaks the profoundness of the taken-for-granted, the things to which we are not attune but that nevertheless make us who we are. When we expose ourselves to the unfamiliar and when we question the everyday, we see the simple solutions that were there all along.

Our team of three principal researchers, and various interdisciplinary affiliate partners, bring diverse experiences from across the globe to help our clients achieve their goals. Our collective approach allows our team to expand, contract and offer a flexible continuum of services to respond to our clients’ needs.


Principal Consultant
PhD Social Work
MSW Social Work
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Principal Consultant
PhD Geography (in candidacy)
MA International Relations
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Principal Consultant
MA Sociology
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Research and POLICY

You have questions, WE FIND ANSWERS.

We are researchers who are skilled at designing tools, developing participatory or mixed methodological approaches and analyzing qualitative and quantitative data (such as focus groups and surveys). Once we know our clients’ questions, we identify the methodologies that can get the answers. We can also collaborate with the client to identify policy considerations, what’s informing their key decision makers, and to develop evidence-informed policy positions.

EVALUATION and impact

You want to strengthen measurement, WE BUILD TOOLS.

We look at measurement as the building blocks that can help our clients strategize, evolve and grow their organizations, programs and initiatives. When we finish a project, we strive for our clients to: be more mindful about what they measure and why; understand their own tools/indicators and the usefulness of them; and be better able to tell their most impactful stories. We can help by reviewing our clients’ work, evaluating their programs, building high-impact strategies and training their staff.

Systems Change

You’ve thought about an issue, now let’s see how it fits into a system.

We enjoy mapping how our clients’ ideas fit within systems, and do this by using our many tools including systems mapping, framework development, stock-taking and complex problems analysis. This especially suits work in collective impact areas or in community and collaborative initiatives, where partnerships are complex, always evolving and interdependent.

Community Engagement

You’re doing great work, LET’S TALK ABOUT IT.

We know how to engage our clients’ stakeholders to get true community participation around the work they’re doing. This could be through holding community forums, or perhaps skills-building events where we develop their curriculum and facilitate learning workshops/professional development trainings (either online or in-person). When reaching others through written media is needed, we can write reports for boards and funders, develop key messages, create knowledge-dissemination plans and coordinate design and publication of articles and other materials.

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